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Delta Star issues inflation pricing notice

USA, Virginia, Lynchburg: Delta Star has issued a notice on increasing of its prices due to inflation.

The company and the entire industry have been impacted by the global inflation on transformer parts, copper, steel, oil, and other commodities. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in material shortages and price inflation across the supply chain. As you may know, Delta Star and transformer manufacturers across the industry manufacture highly engineered and specialized critical electrical grid products which are susceptible to global supply shortages, extreme hyperinflation, and direct labour shortages.

In response to these challenges, Delta Star is implementing on average 11.6 % price increase effective immediately on all product proposals. Similarly, our Field Service division is implementing a 5.2 % increase on services due to the rising cost of fuel and labour. Other manufacturers have issued similar guidance.

As one of North America’s largest and oldest transformer manufacturers, we are blessed with long-standing, superior supplier relationships, and we continue to work with them to ensure economical pricing. Our suppliers have continued to deliver reliability and quality despite the pandemic, and we want to ensure their continuous resiliency. While some manufacturers may choose to pursue low quality materials at the cost of quality, Delta Star will remain committed to providing our customers with the highest quality transformers, mobile substations and trailers made from superior components and materials.

The company will continue to monitor market conditions and take further action as necessary to account for inflationary items and has invited its customers to seek more information from their local regional sales representative.


Source: Delta Star