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Demystifying online DGA monitor specification

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DGA is one of the best methods to detect internal faults within power transformers. For many years, the power industry has had various options for online dissolved gas (DGA) monitors. There are many different vendors providing different options – in terms of a number of the gases measured and different measurement technologies. The specifications differ from monitor to monitor, so it is essential to understand online DGA monitor specifications.


Online DGA monitoring makes it possible to detect or diagnose, nearly in real-time, any incipient failure occurring in a transformer, thereby giving the operator time to intervene and avoid a major failure


The value of Digitalization is the marriage of domain knowledge and digitized sources of important information, to provide insight and create business value.

For detecting desired faults it is essential to combine the right types of the online DGA monitors. The TXpert™ Ecosystem supports best in class TXpert™ Ready DGA solutions from both Hitachi ABB Power Grids and leading 3rd party suppliers.

DGA monitors differ by the type of technology used, specification and operational parameters, regulatory test performance, mechanical features, etc.

The selection of the proper DGA monitor with the confidence in DGA monitor is key for correct assessment and for the success. Read here about what you should take into consideration when selecting DGA monitors.


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