Design of power transformers: Core

The third e-lesson in the Design of power transformers course authored and conducted by Mr. Aleksandar Lojpur is going to be held live on 19 January 2022 at 2 PM CET. Here you can save your seat.

The session is sponsored by Thyssenkrup and Mr. Rüdiger Koshorst will give his short presentation of 15 minutes in order to support the lesson’s matter with complementary content.

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The idea behind this series of lectures is to reveal the importance of each design phase and interlinks between them in transformer life expectation of 30 years and more. This course provides a short overview of the main transformers components and calculations.

In the third e-lesson, which is also the first one conducted on the Intermediate level, you will learn about:

  • Electrical steel grades
  • Core types
  • Core dimensions and weight
  • Core losses
  • Core earthing

The attendees who are subscribed to the entire Intermediate level will have the opportunity to take the mini-exam (a couple of questions) after the session has been conducted. This will be possible after every lesson on this level. If you pass all of the mini-exams, you will earn the certificate of achievement without taking the master exam after the entire level has been conducted.