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Diego Andreetta, Oxyweld: Media is an important communication channel

Deutschland, Ulm: During Coiltech Deutschland 2022, Diego Andreetta from Oxyweld shares with Transformers Magazine his thoughts on the current business prospects.

Diego Andreetta is Sales Director of Oxyweld, an Italian producer of oxy-hydrogen gas generators used in brazing and soldering. The company is located in the north-east of Italy but it has local distributors and service centres worldwide.

Recently, you have had some exciting new developments. Please, tell us about them.

Yes. of course. Recently, we have had a tremendous success with 4.0 Industry products. More precisely, we have developed a new generation of oxy-hydrogen gas generators suitable for 4.0 industry.

Of course, we are planning to go even bigger and develop even larger gas generators for our customers.

Last year was fantastic for you. The pandemic has obviously not affected your business. How about the current situation in Ukraine?

Well, fortunately, not much. Last year we even had growth of 50 % compared to 2019. We have diversified our sales network, so that has protected us from specific issues such as the pandemic.

For the past two years, people around have felt the effects of social deprivation, not being able to travel and with no live events happening. How does it feel to be here again and meet people, especially your clients, in person?

Of course, exhibitions are extremely important. Meeting people in person is irreplaceable. I am quite positive this will give a boost to our business and that we will also acquire some new contacts.

Many businesses have recently faced issues in the supply chain. Have you experienced similar disruptions and have you found any solution for improvement of the situation in the near future?

Well, not in a short while. We have also had delays for some components but we have a large warehouse and a big stock that we have purchased in the past. So, we can survive this problem and there are no significant delays in deliveries to our customers.

What trends do you expect on the market this year?

I am optimistic, so I expect the business to thrive. The first quarter of this year has been very good for us, we have recorded growth, therefore I am positive about it.

Is there something you would like to say to our readers?

In our business, the media is still an important communication channel. It is technical and as our business is distinctly technical, it is important to communicate with our customers that way.

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