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Dynamic Ratings introduces LIFESTREAM Support Service Solution

USA, Wisconsin, Sussex: Dynamic Ratings announced today the launch of its LIFESTREAM™ Support Services Solution, a major step in maximizing the useful life of power apparatus through continuous online monitoring and 24/7 support.

The LIFESTREAM™ Support Services Solution is completed throughout the entire process from project inception to apparatus end-of-life.

LIFESTREAM™ Support Services Solution Approach

Dynamic Ratings’ philosophy has always been that asset management is more than just installing a monitor. Asset management is a process of designing a system that will work for unique applications, implementing it so that it tracks actionable data, and supporting it with an alarm response action plan.

Dynamic Ratings’ LIFESTREAM™ approach is to partner with utility personnel to ensure that their unique objectives are met before, during, and after monitoring installation. Watch this video to see what LIFESTREAM™ can do.

LIFESTREAM™ Support Services Include

  • PLANNING – program goals, equipment specifications, and response plans
  • DESIGNING – equipment drawings, site walks, configuration of IEDs, documentation packages
  • MANAGING – project management and coordination
  • IMPLEMENTING – new and retrofit installation, redline drawings
  • VERIFICATION – commissioning and system testing, documentation
  • SUPPORT – 24/7 asset monitoring support, diagnostic support, training classes

To learn more about LIFESTREAM™ Support Services, visit https://info.dynamicratings.com/LIFESTREAM.

Source: Dynamic Ratings