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East Chitwan 132 KV substation completed

Nepal, Kathmandu: The construction of the East Chitwan 132 / 33 / 11 kV substation for the supply of electricity to the area through the Hetauda-Bharatpur transmission line has been completed.

The construction of the substation was initiated to make the power supply to Ratnanagar, Khairhani, Rapti, and Kalika municipality area reliable.

Managing Director of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Kulman Ghising informed that the electricity flowing through the 132 kV transmission line has been successfully charged.

“One of the two 132 / 33 kV, 30 MVA power transformers where the substation is placed, has been charged at no load, now it will be charged by loading,” said Ghising. “A 33 / 11 kV, 16.6 MVA power transformer has been charged to supply electricity to the local consumers. We are working with the aim of operating the substation automatic system and distributing electricity from the 11 kV feeder within a week.”

Currently, the electricity to the eastern region of Chitwan is being supplied from 132 kV substation through a 21 km 33 kV line and 33 / 11 kV Chainpur substation. There used to be problems like line breakage, tripping, low voltage, and technical leakage of electricity due to the lack of long line and capacity. The load at Bharatpur substation is expected to be reduced after the electricity is supplied from the East Chitwan substation.

The project was constructed with an estimated investment of $5.4 M from the government at Rapti Municipality-6, Hardi.

A 10 km 33 kV double circuit transmission line and an 11 kV distribution line have also been constructed from Hardi to Parsa substation for local power supply.

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