Image source: PTTX

Empowering a low-carbon living style with CRGO

China, Jiangsu, Wuxi: The global low-carbon policies has been tightening up and China has set the goal of “carbon peaking by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060”.

Consequently, energy efficient cold rolled grain oriented steel (CRGO) with a higher magnetic sensitivity, lower iron loss, lighter weight, and thinner thickness becomes more crucial for businesses. PTTX is proud to provide its energy-efficient solution with its flagship 18PTD75 CRGO.

The manufacturing of CRGO requires a series of complex technologies. Because it is so hard to produce, it has earned a name of the crown jewel of steel products.

The innovative product has a thickness accuracy up to ±3µm, magnetic properties up to 75 grade, surface adhesion grade above C, surface insulation resistance ≥15 Ω·cm², having an impressive cost performance and high added value.

This type of steel can reduce the use of materials for transformers. The entire production process is controlled with accurate calculation, combining with lean production management, which helps to breakthrough the bottleneck of high grade thickness. With this product, the clients can design transformers with lower weight but more efficient energy performance.

The 18PTD75 could be used to make middle and low frequency power transformers and distribution transformers, which could finally be applied in power transmission, wind farm, photovoltaic power generation, etc.

With the introducing of the new product, PTTX has officially joined in the world leading CRGO manufacturing group. It will promote the improvement of the overall technical level and comprehensive competitiveness of related industries, contributing to the global low-carbon energy saving.


Source: PTTX

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