Image source: Entergy

Entergy Texas energizes new substation in Huntsville

USA, Texas, Huntsville: Entergy Texas, Inc. recently completed a substation that is part of a $43.5 M investment in the Huntsville distribution network.

The substation will help improve the reliability and resiliency of the local grid. Located off Veterans Memorial Parkway, the new Veteran Substation supports the current and future load growth from residential, commercial and industrial customers in the area.

“We are proactively investing in our infrastructure to keep power flowing to homes and businesses and deliver reliable service,” said Todd Gallagher, senior manager of transmission grid for Entergy Texas. “The new Veteran Substation is another example of our commitment to our customers. This substation will strengthen the system and meet the demands of our growing Huntsville community.”

Crews have been working since July 2021 to construct the new substation located roughly 5 km from downtown Huntsville. The new facility includes two large power transformers that allow energy to be brought in via HV lines from area generators and deliver it through eight new distribution feeders into various points in the Huntsville area.

With an additional 230 kV transmission source added to the distribution system, the Veteran Substation will help provide reliable power and support economic growth by increasing capacity and reducing the stress on the existing Goree Substation.

The company plans to invest more than $2.4 B over the next three years to create a more reliable and resilient system. Last year, Entergy Texas filed a request for approval of the Orange County Advanced Power Station, a 1,215 MW, dual-fuel combined cycle power facility. The addition of this facility will provide a new source of reliable, low-cost and clean energy for customers now and in the future. The company has also entered into a twenty-year power purchase agreement to begin in 2023 for the 150 MW Umbriel Solar resource located in Polk County and made selections from its 2021 request for proposals for at least 400 MW of solar resources to provide additional clean energy to meet customer needs by 2025.

Source: Entergy