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Enugu DISCO to invest N1.6 B on network expansion

Nigeria, Enugu: The Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) said it will spend $4.2 M (N1.6 B) on 30 electricity network expansion projects.

The Head of Corporate Communications, EEDC, Emeka Ezeh, said that the huge investment covered network expansion projects earmarked for 2020 and 2021.

He said that the historic huge investment showed the EEDC commitment to the general improvement in power supply and stability in its franchise area covering the entire South-East.

He said that some of the expansion projects had been completed and inaugurated in 2020; while some were still being constructed and would mature for commissioning later in 2021.

“The EEDC has identified about 30 network expansion projects valued at $4.2 M (N1.6 B) for execution within its 2020 and 2021 rolling projects for electricity stability and improvement in the South-East.

“Some of which included: upgrade of Trans-Ekulu Injection Substation in Enugu which increased the capacity from a 15 MVA to a 22.5 MVA in September 2020, thereby drastically improving the supply availability to customers served by the substation in Enugu and its environs.

“In 2020, the EEDC also constructed and inaugurated the Ugwuogo 33 KV line, which radiates from the New Haven Transmission Station, Enugu and ends at the Nike Lake Injection Substation in Enugu.

“We have also got on stream the Onuebonyi 11 KV feeder, built from Ochudo 1×15 MVA Injection Substation in Ebonyi State as well as the FUTO 33 KV line in Imo State,’’ he said.


Source: P.M. News Nigeria

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