Image source: ESB

ESB to receive new power transformer

Ireland, County Clare: ESB, the Irish Utility announced the launch of GREEN ATLANTIC at Moneypoint site in Country Clare Ireland.

With the growth of renewable energy in the world, especially wind power in Ireland, this will be the critical link for the connection of all wind power and the transmission of power from Moneypoint on the West Coast of Ireland to the industrial areas of Ireland on the East Coast. Therefore, another transformer was required to transmit this power to the Dublin and surrounding areas.

In 2019, a second 400 kV, 500 MVA double wound transformer was ordered for that purpose from Tamini Trasformatori in Legnano in Italy. Although this is a 400 kV transformer, the BIL level of the transformer was specified as a 550 kV level transformer. This is due to a weak transmission system as determined by system studies. The transformers transport weight is 345 T and fully assembled it weighs 500 t utilising more than 100,000 l of mineral oil.

The Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of the transformer started on the 17 May in the factory in Legnano. Strict COVID rules was observed in the factory and the test took one week. On Monday night the 14 June the transformer was loaded by S.I.M.I. Trasporti at the factory for transportation to the port, which took three nights. Not far from the factory, at the underpass the load had to be lowered hydraulically in order not to hit the top of the bridge. Later in the trip the staff from S.I.M.I had to build a bridge over railway tracks to ensure that this heavy load does not touch the tracks as it can be damaged. It was loaded onto an alluvial barge which then moved it to Venice where it was loaded onto the ship BBC Fuji for transport to Ireland.

The ship arrived in Foynes port on Sunday, 11 July. On Monday, 12 July, the transformer was transferred to the Victrol RORO barge. Brian Aylward had their steelwork set up on the barge to receive the transformer. The barge then moved to Moneypoint power station where it arrived at the Jetty at about 8 p.m. that night. On the night of the 12 to 13 June the tide was high enough for the barge to beach at Moneypoint. The transformer was then moved off the barge onto dry ground at Moneypoint and after that to the substation. On the 14 July Brian Aylward and company lowered the transformer down to the bund. Assembly has now started and after completing the bund leak test, it will be filled with oil. The energisation is planned in mid September.


Source: ESB Engineering and Major Projects