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EU urges investment in renewable energy

Sweden, Stockholm: EU energy ministers discussed renewable energy plans in a two-day meeting held on 27 January in Stockholm.

Talks also centred on shoring-up energy supply and reforming the electricity market.

After the first day of talks, ministers stressed the need for more fossil-free electricity and the importance of developing better infrastructure such as charging points for electrical vehicles.

“Many ministers highlighted that need for more and cheap fossil-free electricity in place for industrial competitiveness,” says Ebba Busch, Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Energy. “Regarding e-mobility, sustainable biofuels, and electro-fuels we seem to agree that we need all solutions and let market mechanisms develop the most cost-efficient alternatives.

“Let me end by reminding everyone that we will need significant investment to go from ambition to reality. Our assessment before the green deal showed investment needs for the vehicles and the infrastructure needed for low-carbon mobility to be around €130 billion per year,” concluded Busch.


Source: euronews

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