Image source: T&D World

Eversource rebuild grid following tropical storm

USA, Connecticut, Madison: After Isaias hit Connecticut, Eversource partnered with mutual assistance crews to restore power in record time.

Tropical Storm Isaias packed a punch in Connecticut, inflicting widespread and severe damage greater than both Super Storm Sandy and Tropical Storm Irene. All 149 communities served by Eversource in Connecticut sustained some degree of damage to their electrical system. In some cases, the damage was so severe that parts of the grid had to be rebuilt.

After the storm roared through the state, Eversource used drones to quickly assess damage in hard-to-reach areas where 2,000 roads were blocked. The line crews then responded to 2,500 broken poles, 1,100 damaged transformers, 10,000 trees and more than 800 km (500 mi) of downed or damaged lines.

The windward side of Tropical Storm Isaias tracked over Connecticut, which brought the heaviest winds and damage of the three storms. The tracks of Storms Sandy and Irene had heavier rains, resulting in more flooding. Despite the high level of damage to its system, Eversource was able to restore Connecticut customers in record time. While Tropical Storm Isaias resulted in more damage locations than Sandy and Irene, the line crews restored power following Isaias in eight days, Sandy in 11 days and Irene in 12 days.

“We achieved our initial goal — to have 90 % of our customers in power — ahead of schedule,” said President of Regional Electric Operations Craig Hallstrom. ‘The thousands of crews that worked tirelessly on this massive restoration mounted a heroic effort and did a tremendous job under difficult conditions — working in the heat while abiding by strict social distancing and pandemic safety protocols — all while restoring customers in record time.”


Source: T&D World