First e-lesson in the DGA course is now available on demand!

How many transformers have been switched off and opened unnecessarily due to wrong DGA interpretation? You might be surprised, but this does not happen rarely. Millions of dollars are spent, involving many risks, all for no reason.

If you are in this industry as an engineer, technician, or young chemist, it is very likely that you will face some kinds of problems related to DGA. So, do not waste your time! Join this course and get the training from an expert who has spent his life-long career in this field. Take the DGA course and benefit from session to session from Marius’ life-school built on solving all kinds of problems and situations. Marius has trained many engineers and chemists, so even if you have a solid experience with DGA, you will still be able to benefit from his teaching experience.

Learn on real cases, even bring your own case, solve issues through this unique education programme at the Transformers Academy and get the Certificate of Accomplishment.

Understand online and offline DGA and save money on necessary maintenance.

If your business is related to transformers at any stage of their lifecycle, the DGA course is a must.

E-lesson #1 is available on demand here.