Image source: Energo Complex

First e-lesson in the Online moisture in transformers monitoring and management course – available on demand!

This three-lesson professional course – authored by Dr. Oleg Roizman – is intended for those working in the asset management of an electrical plant, in project management, and design of high voltage substations.

It will provide an in-depth knowledge and understanding of moisture phenomenon in large power transformers.

The lessons are available for registration individually and the first one was held on 8 April 2021 at 2 PM CET at the Transformers Academy.

This lesson, titled Fundamentals of water in transformers, talks about why the topic of water in transformers matters in the first place, about understanding its multiple parameters, sources of water contamination and moisture equilibrium and its distribution in paper/oil system.

It is now available on demand, so if you’ve missed, register here.

To register for the upcoming two e-lessons in this course, click here.