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First pole of Pugalur-Trichur HVDC link commissioned

India, Tamil Nadu, Pugalur: Effective 8 June, Power Grid Corporation of India commissioned the first pole of the bipolar ±320 kV Pugalur-Trichur HVDC link.

The pole is an extended component of the ±800 kV HVDC Raigarh-Pugalur HVDC link.

Power Grid Corporation of India (PGCIL) said that the first pole (Mono Pole-1) of the ±320 kV bipolar HVDC link connecting the Pugalur HVDC station in Tamil Nadu at the North Trichur HVDC station in Kerala has started commercial operations, effective 8 June 2021. This pole will enable transfer of 1,000 MW. The overall ±320 kV bipolar Pugalur-Trichur VSC-based HVDC system has a transmission capacity of 2,000 MW.

In March this year, a joint venture of Siemens Energy and Sumitomo Electric completed connecting India’s first HVDC link featuring voltage-sourced converter and DC-XLPE cable technology.

The 2,000 MW transmission system consists of two converter stations, which are connected via two links comprising DC-XLPE cable and overhead transmission lines. It enables the power exchange between Pugalur in Tamil Nadu and Trichur in Kerala, supporting transmission operator PGCIL to counter power deficit in India’s southern region and improve the grid stability.

Siemens Energy supplied the two converter stations for the ±320 kV HVDC system while Sumitomo Electric was responsible for the XLPE HVDC cable system in the DC circuit.

The Pugalur-Trichur link is an extension of the Raigarh-Pugalur bipolar link. The latter, with a transfer capacity of 6,000 MW, traverses around 1,750 km.

The ±800 kV bipolar Raigarh-Pugalur HVDC line will help India’s southern region importing power from the northern region. This line is fully commissioned.


Source: T&D India