Image source: T&D World

FirstEnergy’s ATSI seeks regulatory approval for 138 kV project

USA, Ohio, Campbell: FirstEnergy’s American Transmission Systems, Inc. (ATSI), on 16 April 16 filed with the Ohio Power Siting Board an application.

The company seeks a certificate of environmental compatibility and public need for the Lincoln Park-Riverbend 138 kV Transmission Line Project.

As noted in the filing, the new approximately 8-10 km line would run through the cities of Campbell and Youngstown in Mahoning County, Ohio, connecting the Lincoln Park substation to the Riverbend substation. ATSI added that the single-circuit line would be primarily supported on wood or steel poles requiring a 65-foot-wide permanent right of way (ROW).

The company noted that the project’s preferred route, “Route 44,” is about 8.38 km (5.21 mi) long. The estimated applicable intangible and capital costs of the preferred route total about $23.1 M, the company said.

The project also involves work at the Lincoln Park and Riverbend substations, ATSI said, noting that at the Riverbend substation, for instance, the substation fence would be expanded to accommodate the conversion of the 138 kV straight bus to a four-breaker ring bus. At the Lincoln Park substation, the bus would be expanded to accept the new 138 kV transmission line terminal.

ATSI also noted that while the work at the Riverbend substation meets board requirements and is included as part of the application, work at the Lincoln Park substation would occur inside the substation fence and is not part of the application.


Source: T&D World