Image source: HAEFELY

HAEFELY new record – Less than 0.5 pC PD level at 1’000 kV. At nominal voltage & no filters connected

The Grid of the future is challenging all suppliers and laboratories on the market.

Newer technologies and higher testing demands have left the test laboratories busier than ever doing qualification tests on new kinds of switchgear to power cables. The PSZ AC source is like a swiss knife, a multipurpose test system which can be configured and reconfigured at will, reaching outstanding performance. Up to three modules can be cascaded in series to reach 1’500 kV with 2 A, and with a parallel connection can output higher current. A state-of-the-art addition to the system is an electronic power supply which can feed the cascade with frequency ranging up to 200 Hz. Other typical applications are separate source withstand voltage test and one phase induced voltage test on transformers & instrument transformers.

This month, Haefely set a new record and once again proven its promise of Swiss-Quality & Swiss-Precision by successfully testing an AC cascade transformer (PSZ 1000) for a customer with less than 0.5 pC PD level. The measurement was performed at nominal voltage, directly at the AC cascade output, without any additional filter. Reaching such low PD levels for a system of this magnitude is a real challenge, and is a direct result of key knowledge of HAEFELY.

Feel free to visit our facility in Basel and be inspired by our in-house 1200 kV PSZ transformer cascade. Contact us at sales@haefely.com