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From left to right: Markus Wörner (Schweizer), Harald Gieser, Sebastian Kolasch

Harald Gieser, IsoTek: The market is demanding flexibility

Germany, Ulm: Transformers Magazine brings an interview with Harald Gieser, General Manager of IsoTek GmbH, from Coiltech Deutschland 2022 venue in Ulm.

Harald Gieser is General Manager of IsoTek. He started his career in the ABB Group and in 2003 he started working in his own company. Isotek specialises in transformer industry, especially transformer insulation products and a full range of products needed for manufacturing a transformer.

You have some remarkably interesting products that are of high interest to the industry. Please, let us know a bit more about them.

Yes, IsoTek has recently developed in cooperation with Schweizer (Albert Schweizer GmbH & Co. KG) some high-temp insulation materials based on Nomex® Aramid Paper, hybrid materials and thermally upgraded materials. We now have a full range of insulation, starting from 100 °C up to 180 °C. You can get insulation kits for all variations of temperatures.

The pandemics and the current situation in Ukraine have affected businesses around the globe. How has all of that affected your orders and business results? How have you adapted?

In fact, this year, there is an increasing demand for insulation materials. The sourcing is getting increasingly difficult and the lead times are longer. However, we do have sufficient inflow of raw materials to cover the needs of the market but we are seeing a large amount of incoming orders for those products.

In the past two years, there were practically no major shows or exhibitions and people all over the world have been eager to resume travelling and meeting other people. How do you comment on the fact that the events are starting to pick up and people can meet once again?

I appreciate it very much. Especially when we have new innovations, if you have to make a video conference call, that is not the best way to place it into the market. It is better to have technicians around the table so that they can feel the product and test it. So, we appreciate the fact that we can meet here again in Ulm, and we see a future that will be much easier for us for bringing the innovations into the market.

Many companies are facing issues in supply chain, such as delays in delivery of materials and components, extended lead times, etc. How have you dealt with the situation and have you found any solutions to those problems?

We have local partners, which makes the transportation and shipping much easier, especially for raw materials. Therefore, at this moment we still have no problems here but we do not know what the future will bring.

What general developments do you expect in the market this year and in the near future?

Yes, we see an increasing trend in renewable energy, so we believe transformers will be needed in next years and we see a tremendous increase in the demand of those products. We also see that the market is demanding flexibility. To finish the things in time is particularly important and we try to give a happy end to this here, making sure the transformers can be produced on time.

Interview by: Ante Prlic