Image source: Hitachi ABB Power Grids

Hitachi ABB Power Grids launches with new Smart Digital Substation

Switzerland, Zurich: Hitachi ABB Power Grids announced on 23 February the launch of its Smart Digital Substation offering.

It brings together the latest in digital substation technology with the unique predictive, prescriptive and prognostic capabilities of Hitachi’s industry leading Lumada Asset Performance Management (APM) solution.

The Smart Digital Substation forms part of a new wave of innovation that began with the recently announced integration of Hitachi ABB Power Grids’ Digital Enterprise software into Hitachi’s Lumada ecosystem.

By replacing copper wires with fibre optic cables, the Smart Digital Substation enables companies to reduce their carbon footprint with a smaller site and plan the next steps in their digital journey by employing digital technology and analytics in their operations today.

The Smart Digital Substation also makes it possible to increase reliability, integrate new forms of cleaner energy and deliver energy services in smarter, safer ways – necessities for navigating the shift towards more distributed and less predictable renewable power generation.

Substations are the cornerstone of the electric grid, helping to transform voltage levels from high to low or vice versa and to securing and dispatching power flow. They play a vital role in transmitting and distributing electricity safely across the grid from the point of generation to the end-consumer. The digital substation market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.1 % over the next five years from $6.4 B in 2020 to $9.1 B by 2025.

By harnessing data generated by devices and sensors, the Smart Digital Substation provides owners and operators “next-level” capabilities including actionable insights and a more complete view of their operations.

“Maintaining productivity in the face of asset portfolio shifts and the uncertainty of electricity loads and revenues requires sophisticated tools that allow for holistic decision making – optimizing both financial performance and grid operations,” said Massimo Danieli, managing director, Grid Automation business unit, Hitachi ABB Power Grids.

“Substations remain critical for grid reliability and resilience. Today’s digital substations bring both to new levels, while typically introducing new automation and asset management capabilities,” said Rick Rys, senior consultant at ARC Advisory Group. “With the launch of its new Smart Digital Substation offering, Hitachi ABB Power Grids has enhanced its asset performance management prognostics that use models of key grid assets such as transformers, wires, insulators, and other substation equipment. This offers the potential to further improve substation productivity, sustainability, and reliability.”


Source: Hitachi ABB Power Grids