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How to Reduce Transformer Noise with PechoM’s Jacketing Solution

PechoM performs unique noise control engineering solutions for energy transformation equipment such as shunt reactors, and power and distribution transformers. These types of equipment generate low-frequency noise, which is hard to eliminate with traditional noise reduction methods.

PechoM created a revolutionary method to reduce low-frequency noises with its Jacketing Solution. This solution is based on 7 step engineering approach that transforms complicated noise problems into quiet transformers.

Initially, the noise level is measured with a Class-1 frequency analyzer concerning IEC 60076 standard. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd harmonics of the transformer are received during noise data collection. This essential information leads our engineering team in the acoustic analysis step.

In the second step, acoustic design is completed, and acoustic analyses are performed to eliminate major harmonics one by one with selected composite materials in the third step. Our engineers choose the materials to offer guaranteed noise reduction levels. The most important part of composite material selection is that selected materials are directly implemented between stiffeners. There is no need to expand the transformer’s outer dimensions with this method. There will always be a solution for any type of stiffeners with PechoM’s tailor-made unique engineering approach.

When acoustic analyses show a designated noise reduction rate, acoustic material implementation plans are created in the fourth step. In this step, material placement around pipes, manholes, and radiator inlets and outlets is planned.

In the fifth step, materials are produced and shaped for perfect implementation for the transformer. PechoM’s professional team could implement these materials on the site or PechoM engineers could supervise your team at the site for the assembly.

In the final stage, the noise level is measured with the same procedure performed at the beginning of the project. A noise reduction report is released comparing initial and final noise measurements.

To create quiet transformers, PechoM will be with you with noise-level guaranteed solutions.

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