Image source: Hyundai Heavy Industries Bulgaria

Hyundai Heavy Industries Bulgaria to deliver step-up transformer

Bulgaria, Sofia: Hyundai Heavy Industries Bulgaria (HHIB), part of IBG Group, delivered a transformer to a key power plant in December 2020.

The company delivered 275 MVA (OFAF cooling) generator step-up transformer for one of the key thermal power plants in Bulgaria. The said transformer is of the highest capacity ever produced in the company’s factory in Bulgaria. The unit was specially designed for railway transport and the client’s convenience, enabling easier delivery and positioning at the site.

The contract for delivery of this transformer was a natural course of continuing good business relations between HHIB and ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3, since couple of years ago, HHIB modernised and refurbished some of their existing transformers. Modernisation consisted in increasing the nominal power of the transformers from 235 to 275 MVA and extending their lifetime.


Source: Hyundai Heavy Industries Bulgaria