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Image source: IOL

Illegal connections lead to blown transformers in South Africa

South Africa, Durban: Eskom has said it noted a rise in blown transformers due to overloading, causing electricity outages in areas around KwaZulu-Natal.

The electricity provider said overloading occurred when more people consume electricity from a network than the capacity it was designed for, which is mostly due to illegal connections and tampering of meters.

Overloading the Eskom electrical network results in damages to electricity infrastructure through the explosion of transformers and mini-substations, as well as in prolonged unplanned outages. It also poses a great danger to people and property.

Eskom said that to protect its network infrastructure and to ensure the safety of the public, it implements load reduction in areas that experience network overloading.

“The vandalism incidents have been reported to the police and Eskom appeals to communities of these areas to come forward with information that may help in apprehending perpetrators,” said Eskom’s general manager for KZN and Free State Agnes Mlambo.

Mlambo urged all South Africans to help combat infrastructure theft, vandalism, illegal connections, and other forms of electricity theft, by reporting any of these criminal activities directly to Eskom.


Source: IOL