Image source: Siliconindia

India announces $30 B plan to upgrade grid for clean power

India: As it plans to nearly triple its clean-power capacity by 2030, India revealed a $29.6 B plan to develop transmission lines to connect renewable generation.

The project will link wind farms in Tamil Nadu and solar facilities in the deserts of Rajasthan and Gujarat to the national grid, according to a statement from the electricity ministry. By the end of the decade, it will contribute to an increase in India’s interregional transmission capacity from 112 GW to 150 GW.

Renewable electricity in India has been constrained by a shortage of transmission lines. This gap needs to be filled when the country sets out on its journey to net zero by 2070 so that clean power can reach urban and industrial areas that are frequently far from generation sources.

India currently generates 173 GW of electricity from non-fossil fuel sources, and by 2030, it hopes to nearly triple that capacity to 500 gigawatts. The transmission strategy calls for the construction of transformers, the installation of HV lines, and the laying of undersea cables to transport electricity generated by offshore wind farms.


Source: Siliconindia

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