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On the photo: Dayong Wang, General Manager for Europe, SDEE

Interview with Dayong Wang from SDEE – CIGRE Paris 2022

Transformers Magazine brings an interview with Dayong Wang, General Manager for Europe at Shandong Electrical Engineering and Equipment Co., Ltd. (SDEE), from CIGRE Paris 2022.

Mr. Wang, please, tell us about the SDEE Group, what companies it includes, and what businesses you run.

Thank you so much. I work as General Manager for Europe at the International Marketing Center of SDEE, which is a large state-owned enterprise affiliated with the China Electrical Equipment Group Co, Ltd. (CEE). The company is focused on services in the energy and power industry, providing technology, products, and services to global customers, and developing into an international, first-class power equipment manufacturer and integrated solutions service provider. SDEE supplies products and services to nearly 90 countries and regions around the world.

There are several business divisions under SDEE, with three divisions for the core business. The first division is focused on manufacturing power transformers, where we have four subsidiaries. Our current capability is from 10 kV to 1000 kV, including HVDC and HVAC. When it comes to steel towers, we are the biggest manufacturer and supplier of steel towers and steel structures in the world.

We also have a subsidiary for cables and conductors also held a subsidiary for the cable or conductors. SDEE has also developed some interesting new products, such as GIS, energy storage systems, and EV chargers.

We also have subsidiaries focused on equipment maintenance.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

My background is in engineering, I graduated from university majoring in 800 kV bushing design. I am currently working as the chief representative for the European market on behalf of SDEE, although I also cover the Middle East market. So, I have been working as a representative for this part of the world for twelve years.

The main reason behind this interview is actually breaking news that SPECO has developed and presented the biggest natural ester-filled transformer in the world, 500 kV. This is the first such transformer. Can you tell us a bit more about this project and about this transformer?

Yes, we announced it on 16 August. We are talking about a transformer of the highest capacity, the highest voltage, with the most technically complex structure, filled with natural ester insulation oil. It was developed by SDEE and, an interesting fact, it passed all tests in one take. The voltage is 500 kV and the capacity is 334 MVA. With this type of power transformer, we can build greener, more environmentally friendly power plants and substations around the world. In the European market, even in other markets, we have a new task and that is – how to develop energy resources, harness energy generation and at the same time protect the environment.

For example, solar farms, wind farms, and especially offshore wind farms – there are strict environmental requirements. Therefore, I think that an ester oil transformer is a better solution.

Would you like to add anything as a final thought?

Yes, I would like to point out that our main market in Europe is presently Southern Europe. In this region, “made in China” does not mean low price and low quality. Today, we see that “made in China” actually means the best quality for a reasonable price. My target is to convince customers in other parts of Europe to recognise our excellence. So, my goal is to push our products, such as our natural ester insulation oil transformers and energy storage systems, throughout the European market. That is my dream.

Thank you very much for this conversation!


Interview by Mladen Banovic

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