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From left to right: Uwe Nachtigall, Matthias Freilinger, Tayyar Egeli

Interview with Matthias Freilinger of Weidmann

UAE, Dubai: Ante Prlić of Transformers Magazine has talked with Matthias Freilinger of Weidmann Electrical Technology AG at Middle East Energy 2022.

Matthias, could you please introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Matthias Freilinger, I am the vice president of Sales and Marketing for the Europe and Africa region and am pretty new in Weidmann, where I have started working at the beginning of this year.

Tell us something about any recent developments in your company. Are there any new projects, significant orders or technology?

In general, we can say that the orders are increasingly picking up in volume. The factories are filled and we are currently coming up with a new monitoring solution, an InsuLogix HMA monitor. It detects several issues during the entire life of a transformer.

How did the pandemic affect your business in terms of orders, business results? How did you adapt to the situation?

Well, more or less, the way of doing business has changed a lot. Shifting to digital ways of doing things, such as online meetings, was necessary. It was difficult keeping in contact with our clients and it was even harder to get in touch with new clients. However, we have pretty much adapted to the situation, working a lot from the home office. Nevertheless, we are very happy to be back here on the fair.

So, during the last two years, there were practically no physical events, people missed the travelling and meeting in person with customers. Before that, people travelled a lot and it was convenient to travel from one side of the planet to another, and suddenly everything stopped. How do you comment that we are finally getting together at this event?

You just have to look around, look at the people. Even beneath the masks, everyone is smiling and people are obviously happy. Everyone likes to be back in the game and enthusiastic about meeting each other again.

What do you expect to happen on the market this year and in the near future?

It is pretty easy. We will continue working and the business will pick up its pace. On the other hand, the prices of raw material are continuously increasing, so we will just have to see how the situation develops.

Thank you, Mathias!

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