From left to right: Mohammad Tariq, Jaffer Aldurazi, Dr. Diego Robalino, Silvia Paulino

Interview with Mohammad Tariq, Dr. Diego Robalino and Silvia Paulino of Megger – Middle East Energy Exhibition 2022

UAE, Dubai: Transformers Magazine brings an interview with Mohammad Tariq, Dr. Diego Robalino and Silvia Paulino of Megger from Middle East Energy 2022, which took place 7–9 March 2022.

Mohammad Tariq is General Manager for Megger Middle East.

Diego Robalino is Megger’s Global Business Development Director for Transformer Testing.

Silvia Paulino is Global Marketing and Communications Manager for transformer and protection testing.

Now that we finally meet again in person, can you tell us what is new in your business and company?

Mohammad: Megger Middle East has regional office in the Kingdom of Bahrain and we are expanding in the region with even more offices. You will hear from us soon.

Diego: On the technical side, Megger as a leader of innovation is pleased to provide new and unique capabilities in our insulation diagnostics equipment. One hertz assessment as part of tan delta testing and as part of our Dielectric Frequency Response will bring a better and more efficient way to assess the condition of transformers and bushings.

How did the pandemic affect your business in terms of the way of doing the business? How did you adapt to this situation?

Mohammad: The beginning of the pandemic was full of business doubts, but the modern world operates with energy. Water supply, electricity, transportation had no option but to continue and the continuity of power supply was strategic for the world to recover. Megger took an active position protecting the health of employees and the continuity of our customers’ business by implementing distancing between working stations and supplying needed gear for employees to feel comfortable in the working environment. Digital communication already active in the system allowed for remote work and employees were committed to delivering the same level of product and technical support to our customers.

How do you comment on the fact that we can finally get together here at this event?

Mohammad: We desperately needed that, many of our specialists from America and Europe were eager to attend and participate in this event. As members of society, social interaction is fundamental and we applaud the initiative of the Organizing Committee to move forward and make this event happen.

Diego: I was able to mingle and network with customers and the local team in the Middle East. I am aware of the difficulties to organize this event but I am glad we were able to come here and actively participate in promoting the latest transformer testing technology available only from Megger. A standing ovation to Megger’s team in Middle East for hosting their colleagues from all over the world.

What do you expect to happen on the market this year and in the near future?

Mohammad: We expect to see more in-person interaction and less virtual. Megger is committed to provide state-of-the-art technology and excellent customer support. That is fundamental and we will only improve in the future.

From the global perspective, is Megger to be present at other international events?

Silvia: Definitively! This year, Megger has an extensive participation at international conferences and trade shows worldwide. Middle East Energy, IEEE T&D in US, CIGRE in Paris, just to mention some of them. Moreover, Megger is committed to provide innovation, efficiency and reliability in its products and services for the benefit of our customers and that is reflected in the new products and solutions presented during the Middle East Energy exhibition.


Interview by: Transformers Magazine