Interview with Prabhat K. Jain, CEO of VTC-GTC

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Prabhat K. Jain, CEO of the second largest transformer manufacturing company in North America – Virginia Transformer Corporation and Georgia Transformer Corporation, talks about development of company, technology development and the growth of the overall transformer market. He discusses manufacturing automation and renewable power transformers market, as well as the future of transformer technology.



The company covers the largest range of power transformers from 1 MVA to 1,500 MVA and employs 1,400 associates in five manufacturing plants in North America.

VTC-GTC has the value proposition to supply the most ‘resilient’ power transformers, designed for 60+ years of service life

VTC-GTC has grown from only one plant with 34 employees in 1982 to the second-largest US-based transformer company in terms of revenue and the largest in terms of breadth and depth of ratings and designs supplied to the market. The company is having accumulated a very large intellectual capital in engineering followed by technology in the shop to execute the engineering.

Growing business is challenging, while development of the technology involves much more complexities. However, if you grow 5x faster than the market through the period of almost 40 years, this goes beyond a challenge. Click here to read more about how VTC-GTC has done this.

I have a vision we can continue moving towards the perfect transformer by having an evolved mechanical system in place, reducing both electrical and mechanical stress at the edges and corners, as well as the vibration of the transformer


Keywords: automation, digitalisation, power transformers, transformer technology

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