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IRT, calculations and components

We are announcing two live sessions in the nearer future, first one being conducted on basic and the second on master’s level at the TA. Keep on reading to learn more:

L2 TCA course – Infrared thermography applied to UHV power transformers and various substation components

Over 30 years of IRT on substation components and oil filled power transformers will be presented in an easy-to-follow format. The presenter – Mr. Jon Giesecke – is a level III Infrared thermographer who has dedicated 57 years to learning about all forms of diagnostic tools and is ready to provide you and your team with his advanced knowledge.

In this e-lesson you will learn how to diagnose many substation components and transformer problems using infrared thermography. You will also learn tips and tricks to doing a quality examination that can only be obtained by over 30 years’ experience.  Most of what will be presented is not found in any textbooks, so the value added by spending an hour with the author is priceless.  There will be a Q&A session directly following the presentation.

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Design of power transformers – e-lesson #2 – Components and calculations

The idea behind this series of lectures conducted by Mr. Aleksandar Lojpur is to reveal importance of each design phase and interlinks between them in transformer life expectation of 30 years and more. This course provides short overview of main transformers components and calculations.

In this particular lesson you will learn about:

  • metal Parts
  • active Part
  • insulation liquids
  • accessories
  • calculations

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