Jaydeep Deshpande

Jaydeep Deshpande – digital renaissance of energy business

Power and energy businesses are going through a digital renaissance. Ever-decreasing cost of computer hardware coupled with their ever-improving reliability, continuously lowering barriers for developing more efficient software and a rapid growth in machine learning frameworks is opening new doors for transformer manufacturers internally and externally. Internally, digitization is paving the way for improved manufacturing practices. Manufacturers are finding new ways to leverage data in many areas, such as, improving quotation systems, standardization of transformer designs, optimizing transformers for cost and performance etc. Advancement in sensor technologies is helping manufacturers develop new quality control methods. Software solutions leveraging these new techniques can help transformer manufacturers improve quality, reliability, delivery times, inventory costs, rework costs and overall bottom line.

Externally, digitalization is changing the inspection landscape. Increased availability of wireless technologies and the upcoming 5G standard growth will boost the penetration of digital transformer products. Digitalization can help customers to closely monitor their assets and open new frontiers of predictive and prescriptive maintenance. Utilities and industrial customers alike can leverage the asset data to optimize system performance based on the asset data and further drive down the operations and maintenance costs. In many ways, this can prove to be a paradigm shift: moving from preplanned, time-based or reactive maintenance to a proactive condition-based maintenance of assets. The importance of using asset health data for optimizing system reliability cannot be understated.

The wide-ranging discussion in this issue of Transformers Magazine provides a perspective into how the transformer industry can leverage digitization and digitalization to build products for the future of the power grid. We sincerely hope that you enjoy reading this issue and the great work done by our authors.


Jaydeep Deshpande, Eversource Energy


Jaydeep Deshpande currently works at Eversource Energy as a Program Manager, Substation Analytics. He leads analytics, machine learning and AI intiatives to support various parts of the business. Prior to Eversource, Jaydeep worked at ABB as an R&D Engineer in the transfromers business unit.