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Jobb can be moved from Figeholm to Poland

Sweden, Figeholm: Hitachi ABB Figeholm will move the remaining component production to Poland.

As a result, 14-15 jobs are at risk.

Notice has not yet been given, but the staff have been informed of the change, which is expected to take place at the end of the year.

Until 2006, the company had a component factory in Fårbo. Then production was moved to Poland and about fifty jobs disappeared. The company otherwise manufactures press pan. It is an insulation material for transformers and is produced in a paper machine. A small part of component production remained in Figeholm. So it is now also to be moved to Poland.

There were initial talks about the change between the management and the unions.

“Of course, we have reservations about the decision,” says Dennis Bäckman, chairman of the paper department. “Our goal is that no one should have to quit their employment. And no one has so far been alerted. We had a meeting about what will happen to the staff,” he says.

The paper machine went up to operation with four shifts in May and at the company there are about 80 employees with around 50 on the collective side.

Answering the questions at what age those working in component manufacturing are, Bäckman said, “There are both young people and those who are 50 plus,” says Dennis Bäckman.

On 1 July, the company acquired new owners and was renamed Hitachi ABB Powergrids in Figeholm.

“I hope they become a little more active and set the agenda here. We have not noticed much of that from the previous owners. Hitachi has harmony as one of his watchwords and it would be needed here. Much of the transformer production has been moved abroad, among other things, from Ludvika,” says Bäckman. “We would like to see decisions decentralised to the businesses and not taken as much in Zurich as before.”

Oskarshamns-Tidningen has sought the management team for comment, but they have not returned.

Source: Oskarshamns-Tidningen