dry type transformer

JSHP’s 40 MVA transfomer powers data centre

China, Shanghai: On 23 March, JSHP’s dry type 40 MVA transformer was put in operation in a data centre in Shanghai.

This dry-type transformer’s ratings are 110 kV / 35 kV, 40 MVA, cooling type AN, HV OLTC +/- 4×1.25 %, DETC +/- 2×2.5 %, and the insulation level is Um 126 kV / LI 460 kV / AC 200 kV.

With this transformer the data centre avoids having to use the SF6 unit in Shanghai city.

According to the Germany-based business data provider Fygen, JSHP Transformer (JiangSu HuaPeng Transformer Co., Ltd.), is currently the largest producer of Medium Power Transforms (MPT) in the world.

Source: JSHP