KETRACO energizes new transmission line

The new line means that residents from Kimuka and the area will benefit from stable and reliable electricity supply.


KETRACO energizes new transmission line

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Kenya, Nairobi: Kenya Electricity Transmission Company (KETRACO) has energized the 220/66 kV Kimuka Substation transmission line. This means that residents from Kimuka and its surrounding area will benefit from reliable electricity supply. It will also further assist in de-loading the existing 220 kV Suswa-North lines and 220/66kV transformers at Nairobi North Substation by transferring load (80 MW) from Nairobi North substation to Kimuka station, which will help reduce the risk of system instability and improve security of evacuation of power from green sources (geothermal, wind and hydro imports) from Suswa to Nairobi.

The Kimuka line forms part of the Nairobi Ring and Associated substations project which, once completed, will offer an alternative supply path for power into the Nairobi Metropolitan region, and it will remove the load from existing substations. The project includes the construction of a 103 km 400 kV double circuit line from Suswa substation to Isinya substation rated at 1200 MW, two 220 kV substations at Suswa and Isinya as well as 220/66 kV substations at Kimuka, Athi River and Komarock. It was financed by Agence française de développement (AFD), European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Government of Kenya (GoK), worth Kshs.16.9 billion ($127.8 million).