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L2 TCA Course – e-lesson #3: Understanding Partial Discharge (PD) – available on demand!

The live e-lesson was held on 23 February 2021 at 3 PM CET, at the Transformers Academy, authored and hosted by Jon Giesecke.

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This is the third e-lesson in the L2 TCA Course, conducted on Intermediate level, but you can choose the level that suits your needs best. For the entire syllabus, see the L2 TCA Brochure.


Partial discharge (PD) is one of the most deceptive and hard to pin point problems in an oil filled power transformer. A brief history of PD will be given and a good basic understanding of PD will be presented.  The test set (TP500-A) will be introduced and highlighted.

In this e-lesson you can learn; the detectable clues to finding and locating PD. You will also learn about the electrical pulse of PD and how it correlates with the ultrasonic sound generated by the electromagnetic interference (EMI).  You will be introduced to the gold standard of test equipment for PD testing and Arc detection and location.  Lighting / Surge arrestor testing (on-line at full voltage) will be taught using the PD test set.

Keywords: Partial Discharge; Arcing; High Frequency Current Transducer (HFCT); Acoustic Sensor