Image source: ZTR

Largest transformer factory in Europe closed due to war

Ukraine, Zaporozhe: ZTR (Zaporozhtransformator), the largest transformer factory in Europe, has been forced to close its operation due to war in Ukraine.

The company has 60,000 MVA annual production capacity and employs 3,500 people. The overall volume of supplied equipment has totalled more than 2,000,000 MVA since ZTR’s establishment. Established in 1947 as Zaporozhye Transformer Plant, the factory has produced over 162 thousand units of equipment to this day. In 1994, the company underwent a privatization process, becoming Zaporozhtransformator Joint Stock Company.

ZTR has equipped more than 88 countries worldwide with its high-performance and reliable technology, and it is worth noting their transformer equipment provided for the solar power generation plants and industrial enterprises in the USA and EU markets, meeting the most sophisticated technical demands of their clients.

Within its 70 years of market presence, ZTR has attained the world-wide fame and high-level reputation as the manufacturer of high quality and reliable equipment, transformers and reactors in the first place. The factory’s major advantage has been its high operational reliability.


Source: Transformers Magazine