Image source: GE's Grid Solutions

Los Angeles closer to its renewable energy goals

USA, Los Angeles: GE’s Grid Solutions business signed a contract providing the City of Los Angeles with innovative Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS).

The new solution will help meet LA’s renewable energy goals.

As the primary technology subcontractor on the $75- M project led by Beta Engineering California LP, GE will provide four new fixed series capacitor (FSC) systems at two Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) switching stations. The new FSC banks will add 475 MW of capacity, allowing for more stable renewable energy use as part of LA’s Green New Deal to transition to 100 % renewable energy. The work is expected to be substantially completed within the next two and a half years.

As more governments and industries recognize the need for clean energy, the need to overhaul the corresponding electric infrastructure has become more pressing than ever. The added stability means less damage to transmission and distribution equipment and, ultimately, fewer potential blackouts.

Available for both new and existing substations, the company’s portfolio includes power electronic-based technology, as well as more traditional electro-mechanical solutions, which utility operators have become more interested in because of their grid-friendly and reliable nature.

LADWP transmission studies had shown the need to upgrade the Department’s series capacitors to boost capacity and address ongoing maintenance issues along West of Colorado River (WOR) Path 46. The added capacity from the new banks will help the Department meet California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) policy, the City’s Sustainability Plan, LA100 goals, and the mandates set forth in California Senate Bill 100.

“With more than a century of experience designing transmission networks, this contract award reiterates our customers’ confidence in our FACTS solutions. This increased capacity rating will allow new renewable generation projects to be interconnected to LADWP’s power system, helping it meet the local environmental mandates that have been set forth,” explained Fabrice Jullien, FACTS Global Business Leader at GE’s Grid Solutions.


Source: GE’s Grid Solutions