Image source: Breakbulk News

Martin Bencher moves transformer to Sweden

Sweden: Freight Forwarders, Martin Bencher Group, have successfully delivered a complex and challenging transport of a 225 T power transformer to Sweden.

By utilising sliding beams and hydraulic gantries, the transformer was first shifted from a railcar onto a 16x axle trailer configuration and then onto a 22x axle trailer configuration.

With a planning process of over one and a half years, countless hours of engineering, and a re-modified route, the project was finally accomplished.

Martin Bencher Group is an international shipping and freight forwarding company. The company was originally founded in the UK in 1881 and throughout our history the name has always been synonymous with superior shipping services on a global scale. The company transports all kinds of cargo and specialize in the handling of projects and oversized / heavy cargo.


Source: Breakbulk News