Image source: MGM Transformer Company

MGM Transformer doubles the capacity of their facility in Mexico

Mexico, Tijuana: MGM has announced the expansion of their low voltage distribution transformer factory in Tijuana, Mexico.

This expansion follows four-straight years of exponential growth and allows the company to double the capacity of low voltage transformers flowing out of the plant over the next 12-24 months.

“MGM is making large capital investments and staying true to our 50-year-old strategy: Produce high quality products, keep inventory high across North America, and focus on what we do best–transformers,” says in the company announcement.

Additional capacity for the expansion should be felt immediately – the new space is located directly behind the existing facility, which will allow MGM to reimagine the flow of inventory through their factory and add additional steel fabrication equipment and winding machines. Furthermore, the company has set aside space to introduce new products such as buck boost and encapsulated units.

MGM Transformer Company is the largest transformer company in the western United States, offering a complete line of transformers (both dry-type and liquid-filled) with a product range is from 10 kVA to greater than 10 MVA.


Source: MGM Transformer Company