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National Grid’s crucial network refurbishment project

UK, London: National Grid is refurbishing 170 km of overhead power line between Lincolnshire and Hertfordshire, among other projects, as part of its £1 billion annual infrastructure investment.

National Grid’s Operations teams and Morrison Energy Services have been installing 2,919 km of new overhead line conductor to replace the original installed in the 1960s. Three of four north-south circuits on electricity transmission network have been refurbished, allowing them to continue to function reliably, with completion of the fourth circuit expected in 2024.

Work on the transmission line which runs from Cottam Power Station, near Lincoln, to Wymondley Substation near Stevenage passing near Newark, Stamford, Peterborough and Hitchin started in March 2022 and covers two project phases. The first phase of the works from Lincoln to Peterborough was completed last year, and a further 1,479 km of overhead line conductor has been installed so far in this year’s second phase from Stamford to Stevenage. The final circuit which runs from Cambridgeshire to Hertfordshire will be replaced to complete the project in 2024.

Once complete, the new line will not only strengthen the existing infrastructure from Lincolnshire through to Hertfordshire but will also ensure the network is able to continue to transport increasing volumes of renewable power.

The project forms part of National Grid’s management of the high-voltage network in England and Wales. 900 employees work every day to maintain the network, monitoring over 21,000 pylons, over 7,000 km of overhead line and over 700 km of underground cable. More than £1 billion a year is invested to adapt and upgrade the network, ensuring it is robust against severe weather, and enabling the connection of renewable power to help reduce emissions.

Source: National Grid