On the photo: Ivanka Atanasova-Hoehlein

New Chair for IEC TC 10

Ivanka Atanasova-Hoehlein has been appointed the new Chair of IEC TC 10.

Holder of a PhD in chemistry, she has been working at Siemens Energy for more than 22 years, leading the central physico-chemical laboratory in Germany. Among her many endeavours, she developed networking with customers, industries, universities and research institutes, solving problems, setting up challenging topics, as well as developing her own knowledge and skills, providing support and mentoring to many researchers and co-workers.

The major fields of interest she deals with at the lab include:

  • Laboratory diagnostics of oil filled electrical equipment – gas-in-oil analysis, ester liquids, fault investigation.
  • Material specifications for transformer materials – solid and liquid insulating materials, conductive and magnetic materials, gaskets, glues, auxiliaries.
  • Supplier audits and evaluation.
  •  R&D development in transformer laboratory diagnostics and new ageing markers.

She has been involved in many working groups of IEC TC 10 over the years as well as in IEC TC 10 DKE 182. She is the Convenor of the group working on IEC 62961 Insulating liquids – Test methods for the determination of Interfacial Tension of insulating liquids as well as of IEC 60296 Fluids for electrotechnical applications – Unused mineral insulating oils for transformers and switchgear.

“I want to thank my very good and long-time colleague, Dr Bruce Pahlavanpour, for his achievements as the previous Chair of TC 10. During his time as Chair, he contributed to the development of many important standards and in doing so he encouraged others to join the IEC and established liaison with CIGRE. In 2005 he was awarded the IEC 1906 Award for his contribution as Convenor of the group revising IEC 60422,” she says.


Source: IEC

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