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New electricity transmission line in southwest Ontario

USA, Ontario, Chatham: The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) requests Hydro One develop new line between Chatham and Lambton.

Canada’s Independent Electricity System Operator has requested that Hydro One continue to expand electricity infrastructure in southwestern Ontario by building a 230 kV double circuit transmission line, which, if approved by the Ontario Energy Board, would be in service by 2028. A new transmission line between Hydro One’s Lambton transformer station and its Chatham switching station would provide electricity to support rapid agricultural growth in the area.

“This transmission line is another step in a multi-faceted planning approach to ensuring electricity is available now and into the future for Ontario’s fastest-growing region in terms of electricity demand,” said Terry Young, interim president and CEO of the IESO. “Over the last number of years, we have engaged with communities in the region, seeking their input so we can better understand how to develop cost-effective solutions to meet their energy needs.”

As a result of extensive planning, analysis and community engagement, the IESO is expecting agricultural electricity demand in the area to grow from roughly 500 MW today to about 2,000 MW by 2035 — equivalent to adding a city the size of Ottawa to the grid. The IESO’s studies also concluded that a Hydro One transmission line is the most cost-effective and timely next step to supply the region.


Source: T&D World