Image source: Tridelta Meidensha

New solution for more reliable substation asset management

Germany, Hermsdorf: Tridelta Meidensha GmbH has released smartCOUNT, a new-generation surge arrester monitoring system for predictive maintenance for new and old substations.

The company claims smartCOUNT reduces planned and unplanned shutdowns by detecting faulty arresters and provides information about their respective condition. “It is a solution for new and old substations and maintenance optimisation under any environmental conditions,” said Markus Jung, CEO of Tridelta Meidensha.

The company has performed intensive field tests in several countries to test smartCOUNT under different environmental and electrical conditions. The system is now available globally and will contribute to more reliable substation management.

smartCOUNT is a flexible retrofit solution for every gapless metal oxide (ZnO) surge arrester. It provides cyclically logged leakage current records, measured down to the low current range, as well as a calculation of resistive current and comprehensive surge arrester condition analysis in the Cloud. Should any leakage current anomalies be detected, smartCOUNT automatically sends out an alert. Users can even detect the typical failure modes of polluted housings, the ingress of humidity or degradation of the ZnO varistor and therefore can easily take any necessary action before the surge arrester fails completely.

The condition of any surge arrester used in the substation is of vital importance for every substation operator. Monitoring environmental conditions provides an overview of the overall condition of the substation.

Source: Tridelta Meidensha