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New transformer for Espai Barça

Spain, Barcelona: In order to cater for the Camp Nou’s energy needs, a new transformer, which will begin operations at the end of the year, was installed in late July at the ENDESA Facultats transformer station.

The transformer is designed to supply the entire Les Corts campus, including the future Camp Nou, the new Palau Blaugrana, the new offices that will be built there, the underground car parks, and the new developments in the surrounding area as defined by the Espai Barça project.

For more than two years, FC Barcelona has been carrying out a process of transformation, expansion and reorganisation of the electricity network on its Les Corts. The process has involved major changes that have improved the electricity supply to the club’s premises and have resolved the problems and shortcomings that have been holding the venue back in recent years.

The creation of new power sources, as well as the extension and restructuring of all the wiring has produced a kind of highway of not just electrical but also audio, fibre, public address and other cables, with the installation of the new transformer being the final step. The outcome makes the Camp Nou, and in turn the future Espai Barça, a sports venue with one of the most powerful and safest electricity supply networks in the world.

Before this overhaul, the stadium was receiving 6 MW of electrical power, while the new facility means this amount can progressively, and according to needs, be expanded to 26 MW, effectively more than four times the power it had before.

Improvements have been made to the exterior mains installations that have been further boosted by the presence of this new transformer that provides high to medium voltage electricity to the ENDESA Facultat electrical substation. This supply complements that of the ENDESA substation in Collblanc so the club will now still have enough power even if there should be technical difficulties with either of the substations, while it can also draw on emergency generators in case of more widespread problems.

Source: FC Barcelona

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