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New transformer for more reliable electrical supply

UK, England, Laxfield: UK Power Networks is installing new equipment, including a new transformer, in the Suffolk village to ensure homes and businesses receive a reliable power connection.

A $1.6 M (£1.4 M) scheme has been launched in Laxfield to boost power supplies for 1,800 homes and help protect wildlife.

The equipment has the benefit of being safer for birds and removes any risk of damage which could affect power supplies.

John McAndrew, project manager for UK Power Networks, said, “We closely monitor our equipment and as it gets older we look to replace it to safeguard power supplies.“

“Laxfield is a rural location and we wanted to reduce the risk of birds coming into contact with equipment, as has happened occasionally in the past, so we have introduced an indoor switchboard to control the supplies,“ McAndrew added.

“This project is one of many multi-million euro schemes we are carrying out this year with support from our Capital Programme Delivery alliance partners to make sure we continue to provide resilient power supplies for the local communities we serve.”

Source: East Anglian Daily Times