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Norway to get climate-neutral switchgear

Norway: Following the European Parliament’s ban on fluorinated gases (F-gases) in switchgear, Fagne and Siemens Energy pledge to supply climate-friendly switchgear.

The Environment Committee of the European Parliament has recently voted to ban climate-damaging fluorinated gases (F-gases) in switchgear. This is an important milestone in the decarbonization of power transmission, ensuring that in the future climate-damaging F-gases will be replaced by climate-friendly alternatives in power transmission.

Especially in the Nordic countries, there is currently a growing awareness of the need to make not only power generation but also power transmission as sustainable as possible. Therefore, Norwegian distribution system operator Fagne and Siemens Energy have signed a framework agreement for the supply of climate-friendly technologies to substations in Sunnhordland and Haugalandet in Norway. Like many operators in the Nordic countries, Fagne wants to eliminate the use of sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), which belongs to the family of highly climate-impacting fluorinated gases (F-gases). Siemens Energy will equip the substations with climate-neutral switchgear using climate-neutral synthetic air in conjunction with vacuum-switching technology. This reduces the global warming potential of the switchgear to zero. The framework agreement has a total value of up to approximately €90 M (NOK 900 M).


Source: Siemens Energy

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