Image source: Nynas

Nynas awarded USDA certification for biobased products

Sweden, Stockholm: Nynas has been awarded USDA certification for its renewable transformer fluid, NYTRO® BIO 300X.

In addition to being recognised for its ultra-low viscosity, allowing transformers and reactors to operate with better cooling, NYTRO® BIO 300X has also received the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Certified Biobased Product label. This label displays the proportion of a product that comes from a renewable source, such as plant, animal, marine or forestry feedstocks.

“We are proud to provide our customers with a sustainable transformer liquid that accounts for 100 per cent renewable content,” says Koen Kempeneer, Marketing Manager Electrical Industry at Nynas.

The launch of this biobased product is an important step for Nynas in contributing to sustainable development with a product that despite its lower CO2 footprint offers the same high performance as other Nynas’ transformer oils.

“Biobased products, through petroleum displacement, have played an increasingly important role in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that exacerbate global climate change,” concludes Koen Kempeneer.


Source: Nynas