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October 2020 edition of Transformers Magazine is here!

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Due to the decarbonisation and digitalisation initiatives, energy systems around the world are undergoing fundamental changes. This transformation has a huge impact on the technology development. At the same time, we are witnessing a strong turnaround of the industry.

The spinoffs of Hitachi ABB Power Grids and Siemens Energy occurred, as well as the privatisation of Efacec and Crompton Greaves, i.e., Ganz in Hungary. In the US, the Executive order has been carried out to secure America’s Bulk Power System from foreign adversaries’ impact, with a huge Influence on the transformers market as well. In Israel, Von Roll Transformers factory was closed. There are rumours about some factories in China that are soon to be shut down. All of these are very significant changes that have taken place in only a few months.

What can we expect in such changed circumstances? On the basis of what Eduardo Terzi said in his interview, for example, due to the renewable power generation, we can expect a growth of demand for windmill and photovoltaic transformers, distribution transformers with tap-changers, but also HVDC and phase-shifting transformers. This enables advanced manufacturers to shift the portfolio toward premium products, which in turn can open more space on the mainstream market for other manufacturers. However, relying only on the current technology can be a trap because falling behind in the technology can become fatal mid- and long-term. Therefore, innovation is vital probably more than ever before, as well as the visibility on the market. As the intensity and the pace of changes is so high, there is not enough time to wait for your achievements getting recognised in traditional ways. Therefore, there is no alternative for using available and efficient means to get the global visibility of your products and solutions. ‘Innovate and communicate’ captures the essence of transformational approach.

This issue brings you the latest insights, trends, and upadates through two interviews, four columns and fourteen articles.

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