Transformers News

Alstom unveils new mobile facility for transformer on-site repair

Alstom's new mobile facility for transformer on-site repair, refurbishment, redesign and high voltage test has been unveiled in Jebel of Dubai (UAE). The site consists of a mobile inclosure for active parts repair, advanced drying equipment and a container-sized high voltage testing module for diagnostic and repair. Alstom's new service is available for large power transformers and transformers of up to 400 kV and 500 MVA. The mobile facility is available in the near and Middle East as well as nearby regions.

Mobile transformers to meet high load on Diwali

The officials of the power corporation have arranged eight trolley-mounted mobile transformers at crucial points to ensure that faulty transformers do not cause blackouts during the unexpected high load on Diwali.

Transformer in Port Angeles fully operational after copper theft

Port Angeles power transformer near Civic Field is up and running again after the theft of the unit's copper grounding wire delayed its start-up by about three months. The transformer replaced the old one which had been struck by lighting last July and caused power supply loss to around 900 customers.

Power problems and outages reported in Bethlehem

As reported by the emergency radio broadcasts around 7 a.m., two transformers exploded in Bethlehem and a transformer fire was caused in Bethlehem Township, Pa. According to PPL Electric Utilities, nearly 2,000 customers lost power supply.

Power outages and damage across Indiana

Strong overnight storms blew across central Indiana, USA and knocked out power supply. Perry Township on the south of Indianapolis was hit the hardest and left with more than5,000 IPL customers without power through the night.

Umeme to end the subcontractors’ bad attitude

The power distribution company Umeme has lately come under widespread criticism over a range of issues – from its treatment of customers to billing and payment platforms. You can read The Observer's Alon Mwesigwa intervju with Umeme Head of Communications Henry Rugamba below.

Power transformers market expected to grow considerably by 2020

The global power transformer market is expected to increase from 10.3 billion in 2013 to 19.7 billion in 2020, at a CAGR of 9.6% due to emerging countries' extensive power plant capacity additions, economic growth and the need to improve access to electricity, forecasts the report at

Illegal power lines threaten lives

It has been reported in The Daily Star Bangladesh that a syndicate of corrupt contractors and employees of Power Development Board (PDB) in the Tangail district are engaged in setting up illegal electricity lines with unauthorised and low quality materials, risking people's lives potentially causing accidents.

Predictive maintenance of transformers to be undertaken by Bescom

The Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (Bescom) is looking to rectify transformer failure - the oft-cited reason for interruptions in power supply. A project called 'predictive maintenance' undertaken by Bescom along with a private company will enable the power utility to know the actual condition of a transformer before a failure occurs.