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Ronald D. Hernández, Mark F. Lachman: Refining bushing power factor and capacitance analysis through statistics


Historically, the limits employed in diagnostic analysis of high-voltage bushings rely on general rules. A data analysis tool based on a database of more than 6 million tests that use statistics for bushing diagnostics has been developed. Use of statistics opens the door for a significant enhancement of the existing methods for bushing power factor / capacitance analysis.

The tool tailors the diagnostic limits by determining what is statistically normal for a specific type, manufacturer, and voltage rating of a bushing. More precisely, it computes deviations of power factor and capacitance from a benchmark. It then determines the probability distribution that best fits the resulting dataset. Once the data is mathematically characterized, the mean and standard deviations are computed. In the end, the bushing in question is assessed based on how it statistically compares to the rest.

Keywords: bushing, capacitance, data analysis, power factor, statistics

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