Power transformer specification requirements based on the applications and standards

The fifth e-lesson in the Transformer specification course, which is also the lesson #3 on the intermediate level, is going to be held live on 8 December at 6 PM CET by Mr. Marcos Ferreira. Click here to save your seat.

Mr. Marcos Ferreira is an electrical engineer experienced in designing, managing, and coordinating projects relating to transmission, distribution, and communications. In his lesson you will learn the following:

  • How to apply a ‘Scope’ based on applications and standards (e.g., IEEE, IEC, and Cigré)
  • Important things as part of building specification: (e.g., environment conditions and special considerations)
  • Documents should be part of specifications: (e.g., nameplate, instruction manuals, physical dimensions drawings, and factory testing reports)

If you miss the live session, you will be able to attend it on demand.

The course in its entirety is authored by Mr. Marcos Ferreira and Mr. Juan Albiger.