Image source: Engineering News

Power utility reliability boost from large WEG transformers

South Africa, Johannesburg: Zest WEG has supplied two large, custom-built power transformers a month ahead of deadline to a power utility in South Africa.

Precision manufacturing at the WEG Blumenau factory in Brazil allowed for the delivery, thus strengthening the reliability of the region’s power system.

The 348 t units are the largest yet produced by WEG – with each unit boasting a power rating of 500 MVA and voltage class of 400 kV. This delivery efficiency reinforces Zest WEG’s position in the local market.

“Our South African team participated actively in this project, reaffirming WEG’s commitment to the development of our employees and the transfer of skills,” says Viljoen. “We see this as a vital contribution to the development of the country, as well as the alleviation of the energy shortage in the region.”

He says the benefits of these transformers include robustness, flexibility and reliability – contributing directly to the development of the local economy. They are also an important element of expanded investment in emergency capacity to generate complementary power supply for the region.

Zest WEG’s manufacturing operations in South Africa include two transformer factories near Johannesburg, which produce and supply the local market with 145 kV voltage class transformers. This contract is an important achievement for Zest WEG, which is deepening its contribution to power generation, transmission and distribution as part of its developmental mandate. The company is well-established in the mining and industrial sectors and is currently raising its level of engagement with power producers and municipalities.


Source: Engineering News